djXII Ogólnopolski Konkurs Gry na Zestawie Perkusyjnym – Young Drum Hero odbędzie się w październiku 2015 r. w Państwowej Szkole Muzycznej I i II st. w Opolu w ramach XXIV Międzynarodowego Festiwalu DRUM FEST.

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§ 1

11th National Drum Set Competition – Young Drum Hero will take place in October 2014 will

be held at Frederic Chopin's Music School in Opole, Poland. The competition is organised as a part of 23rd International Drum Fest.


The organizer of the event is the Polish Percussive Association, based in Opole, ul 1 Maja 19 (oficyna), 45-068. Partner and co-organiser is Perkusista Magazine and the owner of the

§ 3

The Competition is organised for drummers – amateurs, music schools and/or academies' students.

 § 4

The Competition is devided into two age groups:

1st group – everyone who by the 1st October 2014 is under 18 years old

2nd group - everyone who by the 1st October 2014 is under 25 years old


Each contestant is obliged to:

1.     fill in the application form available on the website ( logging in is required )

2.    upload a recording on the website in file called Young Drum Hero

The recording has to include two pieces of music, either solo performances or with a band. Choice of the genre of music is up to the contestant. Both recordings should be in high quality.

The applications must be sent by 10th September 2015 the latest (date of upload)

 § 6

At the pre-elimination stage the organisers decide which contestant qualifies to the 1st stage of the competiton. The verdict is based upon the recordings received. The organiser chooses up to 30 best performers from both age groups who will be invited to the 1st stage of the competition.

 § 7

1. At the first stage of the competiton contestants will be judged by the jury called by the Organisers. The jury will consist of leading polish and foreign drummers. The leader represents the jury throughout the competition. Contestants present up to 8 minutes of music. After the presentation the Jury will chose 5 best performers from each age group who will play in the final round.

2. At the final stage, the Jury called by the Director of the Artistic Education Centre will assess contestants based on their performance of two pieces – one solo performance and one with a backing track. Timewise, both presentations should not exceed 10 minutes.

 § 8

During the final of the competition which will be held as a part of the 23rd International Drum Fest, the jury will assess contestants based on musicality, accuracy, technique and interpretation.

 § 9

The organiser predicts prizes to be devided as follows:

Grand Prix, 1st place in the younger age group, 1st place in the under 25's and possible honourable mention. The Jury has a right to divide prizes as they prefer. Jury’s deliberation is confidential and decisions are final.

During deliberation Jury will not judge upon music genres presented by contestants, but only the level of performance based on thechnique, accuracy and musicality.

 § 10

The competition will be held in October 2014. The exact date will be published on, and by 1st October 2014. Everyone who applied will be informed via e-mail.

 § 11

Each contestant will receive a participation diploma from the jury leader. Winners will receive prizes provided by sponsors.

 § 12

As an additional prize the organiser gives the opportunity to the winner to perfrom a support before one of the special guest invited for the follwing edition of the International Drum Fest.

 § 13

After the competiton a one to one consultation with the jury will be possible to discuss individual performances.

 § 14

A list of laureats will be published at and

 § 15

There is no entrance fee to participate in the competition. For finalists taking part in the final stage accomodation will be provided by the Organiser.

 § 16

The audience is welcome during all stages of the competition.

 § 17

The Polish Percussive Association, the organiser, retains the right to record all performances.

By applying to take part in the competition contestants agree for the usage of their recordings and pictures for the benefit of Drum Fest's promotional materials only.


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